Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pleasant errands in Glendale

Hey there,
Back to Glendale to see the Girls. I would imagine Glendale is a relatively Republican area, more or less, so it can't hurt to be a frequent face/shirt in the community. And, the Girls are there.
Luba and I explored and ran a few errands Saturday. She lives near bookstores, banks, bars, businesses, and restaurant after restaurant, all of which I plan to sample.

First we picked up a few necessities at Goodwill, quite a nice one. I found a couple cereal bowls to replace the ones we break, and an old fashioned glass juicer.

Sharp eyes will spot the plastic shopping bag. My fault, I went shopping unprepared. I hate when that happens.

We checked out a couple bookstores.

You cannot beat a good bookstore.
We stopped for lunch but it was much too dark inside for Luba to get a good picture, so we will have to return. 
I like a place where I can walk my errands. 

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