Thursday, October 20, 2011

Health Care

Today Obama2012andJenny accompanied Ivan on 2 routine medical appointments.

I am pointing at Kaiser Panorama City. We have been in and out of there for years. They take good care of us.

Urgent Care. We've spent time there, too.

Prior to Kaiser we visited Ivan's optometrist, Dr. Barry Leonard. Barry doesn't know  I'm writing this, so he won't be embarrassed when I tell you he's one of those dentists who goes on missions, I guess you'd call them, to provide optometric care for people in isolated, poor areas with scant medical coverage.

Here's Barry:

Why am I sharing Ivan's medical errands with you? I bet you know. It's because I am so grateful that we can run them. And we can run them because we can pay for them. And we can pay for them because I have a job that includes medical benefits. I'm grateful, as I said, but this is no way to run a health/medical delivery system.

I take great issue with the idea that a civilized society can deny medical care to those unable to pay for it. And I think that  health care is a service, like the freeways, best offered to all. We have evolved that far.

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