Sunday, October 23, 2011

Novice, newbie

It turns out I had limited the people who could comment on this site, so I am sure that many many of you have been frustrated when you could not participate. Hahahahaha.
Anyway, now you can. And don't forget the contest.
Which will you vote for

  • Lydia   Sounds ladylike, proper
  • Libby   Oldfashioned, homey  (although the only Libby I actually knew had quite the rep)
  • Lola     Lola, not ladylike, nor proper, nor oldfashioned nor homey
To my friend Jen, I appreciate your presidential suggestions but it has to be a L name. Long story.
Folks, now that I've fixed this (I think) keep those cards and letters and comments coming. Help me pick a better name for my little girl than Luba. 
I will announce the winning name, oh, sometime soon.



  1. *snort*

    Oh, okay, fine. I can work with the L restrictions and still have Presidential connections: Louisa, Lucretia, Lucy, Lou, Laura, and Lady Byrd.

  2. Ok, that worked. I vote for Lola. That's because her name WAS Lola and she gets what she wants.

  3. Did I vote on the wrong post? Whoops. Well, early and often, right? I'm too late to vote early so here's the often: I vote for Libby. (Libby, Libby, Libby)

  4. Libby is the cutest =)


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